Metrograph Cinema

“Metrograph is a unique experience of seeing prestigious films; of stepping into a special, curated world of cinema, a world of hospitality harkening back to the great New York movie theaters of the 1920s, as well as the Commissaries of the Hollywood Studio back lots, a world inhabited by movie professionals screening their work, taking meetings, watching films. It’s the ultimate place for movie enthusiasts.” – word-by-word description of  the mission of Metrograph or “the coolest movie theater in the world” as quoted by GQ magazine. And we couldn’t agree more.

Founded and designed by Alexander Olch, Metrograph is relatively new addition to NYC’s even changing scene. It is a a new two-screen cinema that can play both 35 millimeter and digital films and also features  the Commissary restaurant, inspired by the Hollywood’s golden ear studio eateries, a balcony lounge, a bookstore, and candy shop.

Metrograph is a 360 experience to enjoy alone or with friends when you are looking to wind down and transport to a different era or get inspired.

Alexander Olch
Year, Country
New York City, US (opened in 2016)
Metrograph, New York Eater, Travel and Leisure, Urban Daddy

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