La Promeneuse by Cire Trudon

Not just another candle company. Cire Trudon, is one of the oldest candle manufacturers in the world dating back to 1643. The name is synonymous with truly luxurious hand-poured-to-this-day candles scented with fragrances created by world famous noses.

The manufacturer was procuring candles to Versailles until the end of monarchy and the company, which successfully relaunched in 2007, maintains the the royal feel through its branding and design.

One of our favorite objects is La Promeneuse, which is a fragrance diffuser and maybe the most beautiful we’ve ever seen. Designed by Pauline Deltour, the diffuser resembles a lantern. It’s core components are a brass structure that hugs the cylinder core made of company’s signature olive green hand-blown glass and a ceramic basis. Atop lies a ceramic dish on which a brass spoon, containing a scented wax cameo, is placed. The cameo melts slowly as the dish warms up from the nightlight burning in the glass cylinder.

A gorgeous and relaxing ritual.

Cire Trudon
Year, Country
2015, France
Wallpaper, Pauline Deltour, The Cool Hunter

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