Flag Halyard Chair by Hans Wegner

As the story goes, it was during a summer afternoon in 1950 that restless Hans Wegner dug a hole in the sand, experimenting with comfortable sitting positions. This led to the inception of what came to be the Flag Halyard Chair.

The Flag Halyard Chair is constructed from stainless steel and about 240 meters of specially developed halyard flagline that forms the seat and back, and a long-haired sheepskin that softens the overall industrial look.

An exceptionally comfortable, ahead of its time and majestic example of Wegner’s legendary designs.

Literature: Hans J. Wegner, Bernsen, ppg. 40-41 Danish Chairs, Oda, pg.112  40-41 Danish Chairs, Oda, pg.112

Hans Wegner
Year, Country
1950, Denmark
Skandinaviskdesign, Wright, The Line

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