Action Office #1 Desk by George Nelson and Robert Probst

Designed by George Nelson and Robert Probst in 1964, this is the first edition of the Action Office desk, produced between 1964-1967, with the characteristic ‘T-shaped’ chrome leg on the side.

This desk came in different formats: height, width, and materials used.

The two widths were 80cm (fitting four drawers) and 60cm (fitting three drawers). It also came in a standard sitting  height, a high-desk (standing desk Рsee last picture), and wall mounted version.

The roll tops came in walnut, oak, maple, rosewood. The legs are chromed aluminum.

Most desks had a key to be able to lock your work for the night. Herman Miller customized this desk for residential use and produced a version without the lock.

George Nelson, Robert Probst
Herman Miller
Year, Country
1964, United States
Past Perfect, George Nelson Foundation

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